Brigitte Brenda
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Add your own ideas - order your personal ART-Quilt!

Examples: Quilt-Orders for companies, public buildings, churches or private homes:

1. A church in germany ordered a quilt, gave sizes, wanted crazy style (like impressionisme) and the theme: ABRAHAM. The tent of Abraham should look exactly like their church-building. Of course, there was a big public festival with journalists and a church-meeting, and good critics in the newspaper of Moerfelden. The size was given - and the style.


2.  A Dr. of Music, Dr. Guenter Preuss ordered a quilt: Joy. The size was given, style was free. I made Mirijam, when she danced from joy. He hung those quits over the orchestra and the choir, and made slides from details of the quilts, which he showed, while the orchestra played.


3. For the same concerts Dr. Guenter Preuss needed a quilt, named "prayer". I made a quilt with self-painted materials for the earth, painted praying hands on cotton, applicated them, and made Barghello-style for heaven and universe.

4. For another concert "Classic night with candlelight" we used the 10 sqm Quilt "JERUSALEM". The style is also crazy style (impressionisic).


My brother is musician, and often we do quilts and concerts together, like in Stuttgart and black forest.

5. After my exhibition in Darmstadt a mother ordered two paintings in acryl as quilts for her kids. The first was a zebra picture,


the second a gnu-picture, which I adapted for a quilt in a boys room:


6. The only thing, which was given, had been the 2 colours, which are in Weilburg at the walls and antique buildings: Horses in red and turquoise at the walls. So I used all side-colours in the colour wheel and made 2 horses in the colours of Weilburg, the city where I lived for 5 years with my kids.



8. The order was a Painting on material and classic patchwork. I made a Zebra.

 9. A grandmother wanted a babtize for her daughter, when she got babtized. I choosed a church-window-style. "Babtisme"

10. Fotos from all houses, my father built in his life, were the foundation of this foto-quilt:

13. Pictures worked into a Quilt: WOMEN IN EGYPT: The fotos are transferred on material. I did wove Scraps from t-shirts ...


 12: An artist friend ordered a X-mas-Quilt, which is not usual:







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