Brigitte Brenda
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Hatschepsut: This price-winning piece was part of the tour: Roots of Racisme. The show with quilts from 16 artists went through America until Pacistan, and toured for 2 years. Link to Roots of Racisme

I worked out the pain about the loss of my stable, my house, the tragedy of terrorisme in Hatschepsut-temple. Handpeinted materials, machine stitching, machine appliqué:


Fire in Africa: After I've been in Somalia, in the middle of the war, I made this quilt, with self-painted animals, with included fotos on material:

Colours of Africa: My duty was, to paint white materials with colours of africa, this double-bed quilt was the result:


Peace: I asked every foreigner, I met, to write for me "Peace" in his language. The painting is a lady in Somalia.


Khadija: I had the painting of Khadijas face, and when I was very ill, with fiever, I went to my artist-table and arranged this quilt, glued the material, and quilted it, when I recovered:

Bedouin and his camel:

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